Q:  Wynar, I don't see any prices listed, how much for the middle on second row from the bottom? 

A:  I don't have anything in stock.  I don't make anything to have in stock.  Each piece is made for you and you alone.  Since each one is made to your  very specific needs, I price each one individually.  Size, weight, purpose, decorations, "age", coolness all have  a bearing on how much it will take to get it into your mitts.  Send me an e-mail and tell me with as much detail as you can what you want.

Q:  Wynar, what LARPs do you participate in?  Are you going to be attending insert event name in my area?

A:  A year ago I sustained a pretty serious injury that makes traveling very difficult for me and any sort of participation is limited to laying on the sidelines.  With perseverance, and some craker-jack physicians I hope to be able to turn this around.  In the mean time, I participate vicariously through the toys that I build.

Q:  Wynar, how long does it take to get a weapon made?

A:  Usually it takes me about 3-4 weeks to knock out your order.  There is usually a line you need to stand in.  And, as  I said above, I've been injured.  Some days I am not able to work for more than a half hour, some days it might be three hours, some days not at all, I can never tell. 

Q:  Wynar, I run a LARP in insert location and I would like to make a large order, do you give a volume discount?

A:  As a friend of mine who runs a couple of games in the northeast said, "Dude you aren't reasonable, you are down right cheap as hell."  Send me a list of what you want, what rules set they are for, and we will go from there.